High Plains Hiking Back Packing

High Plains Hiking Back Packing

The High Plains Hiking Back Packing had to stop once just before Cotahuasi as Katie was not feeling well, she was not sure what the cause was but she felt better after vomiting. We arrive in plains hiking Cotahuasi shortly after dark; and after a light dinner, she got her and Jen to check-in at Hostel Chavez. We agree to meet for breakfast at 6:15 and begin our tour around 6 p.m. 7:00.

Plains Hiking
Plains Hiking

When they met me in the morning, Jen said she had also become ill plains hiking at night and had not slept much. Luckily, Katie felt much better. After breakfast, we start walking through the gorge with the goal of reaching the hot springs of Mayo and spending the night plains hiking there.

Jen’s weakness Plains Hiking:

Due to Jen’s weakness, we walk slowly and she was fine. We skip the side trip to Sophia Falls to prevent the extra elevation gain from coming up again, as well as plains hiking to make sure we had enough time to get to the hot springs before dark. We arrive on time, set up our tents, and then eaten by the pool. Jen and Katie were pretty tire plains hiking their planes, high-altitude walks, and being sick, so they went to bed early. I soak in water at the perfect temperature for a while and then went and explore a nearby trail that goes to Vellinga, a town above us. When we had drop to about 5,000 feet, it was a lovely warm night, plains hiking ideal for a night hike.

Number of Donkeys Passing by:

In the morning I woke up just as it was dawn when I heard a number of donkeys passing by. It was time to get up anyway, so we got up, ate breakfast, and pack our tents. Plains hiking, and sat down to continue to Quechualla, an hour and a half further down the gorge. On the way to Quechualla, the path passes through extensive plains hiking Wari ruins. Wari was a prince culture dating back about 1,000 years. We enjoy exploring the ruins, finding pottery, and especially bones and pieces of clothing from the burial site. She was disappoint that we could not stay plains hiking overnight, but agree to provide lunch as well as a room to wait.

Plains Hiking Quechualla:

Then we took the new bridge and path to plains hiking Quechualla while marveling at the old Inca trail that clings to the side of the gorge on the other side of the river. The bridge was built about 5 years ago, before that time the old path was still in use. I would love to walk the old road, but it does not seem to be accessible due to landslides that plains hiking have to erase access from both ends. I will have to explore more on a future trip to be sure. Upon arriving in Quechualla, I went to look for Julia, a woman I had previously met there. He has a couple of beds to rent (one of them is outside in a garden!), As well as to see if he can arrange lunch for us.

Fresh Grapes on Plains Hiking:

We spent some time there and ate the fresh grapes she gave us and then we walk plains hiking around the village and took some photos.  It is a Peruvian custom not to invite visitors to the kitchen while the food is preparing, but in this case, plains hiking she knew that her kitchen was also on her patio, so we went to talk to her while she works. Soon he put us to work and shell the beans they were suppose to put in the soup. Unfortunately, previous “explorers” had to scatter everything outside the cave, so we could not see anything at its plains hiking original location.

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