AZ Hiking Government Springs

AZ Hiking Government Springs

Winter AZ Hiking Government Springs  offers the best time of year to hike in the eastern white mountains. There are few or no other hikers on the trail, monsoon rains are not a problem, and despite the large fluctuations in temperature, they are extremely comfortable if you dress appropriately. It’s early December and we decide to take advantage of the lack of early snow and hiking government spring trip make a small camp before winter in Mt. Bald. We were originally suppose to drive to the West Baldy # 94 trail head, but decide the hike would be too short for our adventure, so we start looking for hiking government spring trip something a little more extensive. Tourism and travel

Hiking Government
Hiking Government

My two friends Joe Walsh, Jr. and Roy Laos are residents of Greer, AZ. We have share several day trips and side adventures together in the past. Joe lives in the center of the village of Greer, AZ, ground zero between Molly Butlers and Neon Moon.

Start a Hiking

Joe has continuously require to start a hiking government spring trip  from his cabin, hike south on 373 to the Government Springs Trail, then follow the West Fork of the Little Colorado River to the West Baldy # 94 trailhead and continue following the West Fork to a hiking government spring trip suitable spot. Campsite. So we agree to meet at Rendezvous Cafe early on a Saturday morning for a good breakfast before starting our journey, and then back to Joe’s cabin to check out the equipment. Unfortunately hiking government spring trip we got to Rendezvous Cafe a little early, their winter hours were shorten to 8am. Instead of at M. Normal.

Team qualification typical of any extend camping or hiking

However, the restaurant open early for us and we soon ate an excellent “base” meal for our trip. Back in Joe’s cabin, we made last minute team qualification typical of any extend camping or hiking government spring trip. All our packages were around 50 #, and we carry two tents with 4 stations, food, feather bags, sleeping pads, water filter, iPod with backpack speakers, saw / machete, fire lighter, etc. all use trekking poles and had “coats” with windproof nylon clothing on top and at the bottom. Joe had taken a walk up the hiking government spring trip West Fork trail the weekend before and report that in some places there could be up to a foot of snow on the trail.

spring trip meadows at the base

We knew we would camp in one of the great hiking government spring trip meadows at the base of Mt. Baldy near the West Fork of the Little Colorado River to secure our water supply, beats snow melt. We estimate that the return flight will be between 18 and 20 hiking government spring trip miles. Usually a day trip for us, but with 50 # backpacks, a great adventure overnight!

As we start walking south on the path along the road next to 373, we knew we were lucky to have a perfect December day – mid 40s, azure skies, no wind and the beautiful winter sun of Arizona. When we reach the hiking government spring trip trail head, we could only see a few footprints in the “snow-cover” shady areas. The Government Springs trail winds along the West Fork and requires several crossings, our first passage was over a “fishing barrier” hiking government spring trip about 1.5 miles upstream, the next fishing barrier was cover in ice, and we were force to jump over rocky icy cliffs. .. a small slip from Roy produce no bad karma as he was wearing waterproof boots. In less than 2 hours we were in the West Baldy Trail # 94 parking lot at Sheep’s Crossing.

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